The Officially Blessed Story
Welcome to Officially Blessed, where we offer the finest selection of apparel. 
in 1998, Officially Blessed was born from a one bedroom apartment that was used as an office and factory. The founder juggled all business responsibilities- ranging from designing, marketing and selling. He envisioned and created a brand reflecting individuals way of life.
    From the start, Officially Blessed vision was to provide outstanding quality merchandise that exemplified a standard to be measured.  Officially Blessed brings out the reflection of one's self-image that transcends age, sex, race, religion, and/or social status.
    Our goal is to offer the most innovative, creative, and stylish products in fashion. That's why our tag line is “the brand that defines your lifestyle.”  It is our goal to create a world of style and value, and to extend our commitment to customer service and satisfaction with outstanding products and great service
      We would like to thank all of our patrons throughout the years that have continued to support our steadfast effort to provide "you" the customer with exclusive uplifting apparel that's positive minded and demonstrates the roots of our customer's belief.
        Yours truly,                                                                                                            
        K J. Hunley                                                                                                            Officially Blessed Founder